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Our Story

Every farm…every family has a story. The story is only as great as the men and women who write it with their determination, passion and perseverance to build a legacy or to simply fulfill a dream. Shaul Farms is no different. The story for this Farm is simply a story of dreams, faith and hope.

The roots of Shaul Farms are deep in the Schoharie Valley. The primary production focus of the Farm is producing high quality grain corn and fresh market vegetables. The Farm has diverse capabilities such as being able to grind and sell corn meal, store and sell 250,000 bushels of grain corn, operate a retail road stand or sell fresh vegetables directly to local grocery stores chains.
The Shaul family story is rich and enmeshed deep in the fabric of local history in the Schoharie Valley, Herkimer, and Sharon Springs New York. The story is most likely laced with inaccuracies as the story has been left to the interpretations of generations of storytellers. However, without those story-tellers, this story would have been long forgotten and lost to the sands of time.

This story, as we know it, is based on research necessary to reach the goal of completing applications for recognition of the Farm as a Century and Bicentennial Farm in New York State by the New York State Agriculture Society. These recognitions are honorary. The purpose of these awards is solely to recognize the longevity and legacy of New York families committed to agriculture. As members of farm families we are children of the land. We are born of and raised to honor the land. Our parents ‘ families combined two very different yet intertwined legacies. These legacies speak to the land, while at the same time required stewardship to humanity. These legacies come at a price and with great expectation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue build a lasting farm organization that succeeds and grows as stewards to the land and our community.

Our History

Since coming to the Schoharie Valley the Breadbasket of the American Revolution in 1701, The Shaul family for 11 generations has worked to produce the finest cider and vegetables and now garlic.

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